Aussizz Migration :: Our Client Review

Parshotamkumar - Ludhiana, Punjab (State Sponsorship - Subclass 137)
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I would like to thank the entire team of AUSSIZZ for presenting my Permanent Residency Visa case to DIAC, Australia. I got Visa grant confirmation letter from yours. The high level of creative energy among your staff, as well as their personal pride in the company’s vision and guidance was obvious and very gratifying to see. Thank you once again for the guidance and support during the entire period of assessment and processing the case. Because of your dedication you guys are deserve being a Professionals.

Sandipkumar Jain - Ahmedabad, Gujarat (State Sponsorship – Subclass 137)
"You guys have been very informative and helpful. I have checked up on the information you have shared with me, and have found you guys to be spot on, every time I've had a question. It's good to know there is a service that gives you accurate information. You guys are very fast in your responses too, by the way, which is excellent! AUSSIZZ the Name is enough.......!"

Matul Zaveri - Ahmedabad, Gujarat (SRS – Visa Subclass 475)
“I have lodged the application for my Skilled Regional Sponsored visa to migrate Australia and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and understanding of all the AUSSIZZ staff. They are a wonderful team, supportive, responsive and friendly. We would recommend AUSSIZZ in an instant. They helped us every step of the way, completing all the necessary forms and procedures in a timely manner and answering every last one of our many question. Thanks!”

Himal Patel - Sydeny, Australia (Spouse Visa - Subclass 309/100)
Let me start with my brief introduction, I am Himal Patel, B.E. (Computer). I am permanent resident of Australia. After demise of my father, I was concerned about bringing my family including my mother to Australia. I searched a lot on internet to get the right details, and contacted many immigration lawyers in Ahmedabad to get the right information. But the information I got was incorrect, not satisfying or misleading. I can say this because being an Australian Permanent Resident I was aware about some rules. During that time I got reference of “Aussizz Migration” from internet, and I meet Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel about visa of my family. My case was a spouse visa application but it was different from normal application because I have included my mother as my other dependent. I was very much satisfied with the first consultation that I had with him and I decided to give a try. And now I know that does a great job. I got visa of my family without any hurdle and it was complete peace of mind during the procedure of the visa. Consultation whether it is telephonic, email or personal, it is very prompt and perfect. So in short based on my experience, I would highly recommend to go with “Aussizz Migration Services”. If you have any question, Please feel free to contact me at (+61) 43 66 7408 or

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